Inspired by invincible friendships, junior high journal entries, heart breaking crushes and the complexities of losing loved ones, jumping off bridges follows a carefree, adventurous group of four best friends deep in the trenches of adolescence.

The film stars Michael Emerson (Lost), Bryan Chafin (The Patriot) and Rhett Wilkins (The Puffy Chair).

“I tried to bring an honesty and sincerity to the film, to the characters, their relationships and the aftermath of suicide. Having always been drawn to stories of youth, I've felt a responsibility to bring thoughtful and intelligent teenagers
to the screen.

At heart, this story is about the struggle of grief. How each of us deals with grief in our own strange and debilitating ways. How we search for answers at a time when there are none. We get lost beneath our anger and betrayal and flounder for stability and consolation. We seek comfort and solace from the people we push furthest away.

It's a story about friendship. Those moments and adolescent comraderies that are forever etched into our memories and junior high diaries. It's a story about strength and a story about finding hope.”

— Kat Candler

kat directing Kat Candler, Writer/Director

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